Let’s get this party started! At VK Aesthetics, we understand that trying new procedures and sculpting technology with your friends can make it feel that much easier and comfortable. We happily come to you in your own home to offer truSculpt iD services for you and your guests. Experience the incredible results with comfort and ease.

Our truSculpt iD services have been shown to reduce fat thickness in the treated areas by up to 24 percent. Instead of reducing the size of the fat cells, we destroy them altogether, ensuring that the results last. Target your stubborn fat areas on your thighs, your belly, your arms — our technology can target your problem areas without limitation. It’s time for some assistance with your weight loss and fat reduction.

At VK Aesthetics, we want to create the most comfortable experience possible while you transform the way your body looks. Host a party, bring us to an event, or let us know when a good time would be for an office event. Once you reach a travel minimum, we’ll go wherever you need us to. With state-of-the-art equipment and a licensed physician on our side, we provide incredible service that is both safe and effective. Call now to learn more and get started.