Whether you have stubborn fat on your thighs that simply won’t seem to go away, or your belly is not flattening out the way you had hoped, it may be time to turn to the professionals at VK Aesthetics. With our revolutionary truSculpt iD treatments, we are able to target pockets of fat to break down the cells and eliminate them for good.

Unlike other sculpting devices, there are no limits to where we can target. From improving arm definition to addressing inner and outer thigh fat, there’s nowhere off-limits. The truSculpt iD uses RF technology that has been clinically proven to destroy fat cells. We deliver a low frequency to your target area while your skin temperature is monitored and controlled for your comfort. On average, our patients see about 24 percent fat reduction after 12 weeks post-procedure. The fat cells are slowly removed and excreted from the body over the 12-week period.

If you would like to enjoy truSculpt iD in your own home or host a party with your friends for everyone to receive treatment, get in touch with our staff. We offer mobile services for your convenience, or you can come to our facility for treatment. You can eliminate stubborn fat effectively with assistance from our team. Call to schedule your appointment now.